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Our exterior painting contractors are dedicated and available year-round to respond to customers painting the outside of your home,  our team has many years of experience,  clean, friendly and dedicated in being as unobtrusive as possible. See our many Folsom exterior painting examples of the homes and commercial buildings that we have helped beautify and read the many testimonials and recommendations of our happy customers.

Our Folsom painting contractors will coordinate with you in order to help you in the decision of choosing the right exterior painting color combination for your home or business. We will also insure that you are completely satisfied with the exterior painting services we have provided.

Let us help you take the first step in making your house or business the best looking exterior painting structure on the block.

  • Trenching around house foundation
  • Scraping of all peeled and loose paint
  • Power or hand sanding for smooth surfaces
  • Caulking hair cracks and stationary seams
  • Fixing window glazing and putty
  • Patching cracked, damaged or uneven areas
  • Priming new, raw and exposed wooden parts
  • Repairing chemical reacted or damaged stucco wall
  • Masking all windows, lighting and other areas
  • Shielding or covering all landscape and hardscape
  • Using top quality materials
  • Free sample color demonstration
  • Staining new wood
  • Minor carpentry work
  • Waterproofing
  • Hand brush work on every corner
  • Color consultation and schematics

Painting Contractor Folsom
When it comes to painting exterior trim in Folsom it means the job is winding down. Unfortunately, painting trim is a slow process that consumes a considerable amount of time, even we apply the same color used on the siding. Diligence and patience in dealing with these painting details pays off. If done carefully and thoroughly, trim painting will keep your house looking fresh and protect it from the elements for a long time. Here are some tips to make the job easier:

When painting exterior trim Painting Contractor division will work from the top down; gables, dormers, eaves and gutters, second-story windows, porches and stairs, and foundations. If you don't want to mask around window panes, use a paint shield as you work. Scrape off any spatters and drips later.

If you've replaced the caulking around doors, windows, and joints, make sure caulking is dry before painting over it. Use enough paint to form a tight seal between the siding and the trim to keep out moisture, wind, and insects.

Paint exterior windows, sashes, sills, and jambs in the same order as the interior ones, working from the sashes out to the frames. Be sure to pay close attention to the windowsills. They bear the brunt of rain, snow, and accumulated dirt. If the windowsills look particularly weather beaten, take the time to give them two or even three coats of paint, including the underside edges.

Screens and storm windows should be removed and painted separately. If the screens have holes, this is a good time to mend them or replace the screening. If the screening is sound but needs painting, coat it first (using a pad applicator), then paint the frame. Don't forget to do both sides and all edges of screens and storms.

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